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PostSubject: Fairy Tail   Fairy Tail I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 30, 2014 7:40 pm

Guild Name: Fairy Tail
Founded by: Mavis Vermillion
Founded on the date of:
Guild Type: Legal
Standing: The Strongest Guild in Fiore
Strongest Team: Team Auro
Location: First Fairy Tail Building, Magnolia Town
Fairy Tail Photo

Alliances: Blue Pegasus, Sabertooth, Mermaid Heel

Fairy Tail Members
Previous Guild Masters: Mavis Vermillion (1st), Precht (2nd), Makarov Dreyar (3rd & 6th), Macao Conbolt (4th), Gildarts Clive (5th)
Current Guild Master: Kain Dreyar (7th)
S-Class Mages: Mako Recron, Harumi Trost, Aldrick Ryder, ?
Prominent Members: Auro Ikeda, Hikaru Leon, Doni Gendo, Aiyaka Imai, Lithor, Zack Raven, ?
Minor Members:

Team Auro: Auro Ikeda, Lithor the Exceed, Aiyaka Imai, Doni Gendo, ?
Team Hikaru: Hikaru Leon, Zack Raven, Mako Recron (Occasionally)
?: ?

Annual Grand Magic Games - Year X862
Team Fairy Tail: Auro Ikeda, Hikaru Leon, Doni Gendo, Aiyaka Imai, Mako Recron
Team Fairy Tail A: Auro Ikeda, Doni Gendo, Aiyaka Imai, ?, ?
Team Fairy Tail B: Hikaru Leon, Harumi Trost, Mako Recron, Aldrick Ryder, ?

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