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 Story Arcs for Fairy Tail: Rebirth

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PostSubject: Story Arcs for Fairy Tail: Rebirth   Story Arcs for Fairy Tail: Rebirth I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 31, 2014 5:44 pm

The events in the story 'Fairy Tail: Rebirth' are broken down into several story arcs. The following are the arc names, and a summarized paragraph of the arc's plot.

Please note that some arcs are considered filler arcs

The Reawakening of Fairy Tail Arc
A young poison mage, Aiyaka Imai, meets Fairy Tail's Auro Ikeda and Lithor, after she being abducted by Phantom Lord mages and planning on getting sold off for her poison magic. Auro and Lithor rescue Aiyaka and learn about her magic skills, the two invite Aiyaka to join the Fairy Tail guild. The three head to the guild hall the next day where chaos ensues and Aiyaka becomes the newest member. Auro's rival, Doni Gendo, is invited along on a quest with the three heroes as they go off to rescue a very famous author named Samantha Takahashi, the author of the well known book, 'The Book of Sundown'.

Sundown Arc
The four Fairy Tail mages arrive at the Oshibana Train Station where they learn that Samantha Takahashi was taken hostage by a few mages in the Succubus Eye guild. Heading off in search of the author, the train that was transporting them gets attacked by Succubus Eye's strongest team, the Succubus Eye Trio. The two teams clash resulting in the Succubus Eye Trio's retreat. Auro and the rest chase after them until they arrive back at their guild, where they meet Fairy Tail wizards, Zack Raven, and the Iron Dragon Slayer, Hikaru Leon. The two have already taken care of most of the Succubus Eye guild members, and rescue Samantha Takahashi. The heroes return to the guild where Aiyaka then becomes an official member of the guild. Auro talks her into joining a team with him, Lithor, and Doni since the three of them have great teamwork with one another.

Black Dragons Arc
After reuniting with the terrifying Mako Recron, and having a short conflict with the head honcho of the Fairy Tail S-Class Wizards, Aldrick Ryder, Auro decides to follow Aldrick on an S-Class quest to show him that regular wizards of capable of holding their own with the stronger wizards, he convinces the rest of Team Auro to come with as well. Aldrick's S-Class Quest takes them to the mystical Kuro Village in the middle of the Kodai Mountains, several hundred miles West of Magnolia. There, Aldrick gets ganged up on by seven shadowy mages in white cloaks. Auro jumps in to help him resulting in the two getting captured and taken away. Mako Recron appears and temporarily joins Team Auro to find the guild hall of these mysterious mages and rescue Auro and Aldrick. When Team Auro finds the guild hall, Mako's father, Samuru Recron, reveals himself as the guild master of the Black Dragons, a guild whose goal is to revive the powerful and deadly Black Dragon, Adrahael. The strongest team in the Black Dragon's guild, the Seven Shadows, are sent to eliminate Team Auro after they successfully rescued Auro and Aldrick, along with a small exceed named Shadow. Throughout all this, the horrific past of Doni and Aldrick is slowly revealed...

Dragon Temple Arc
With the defeat of Samuru at the hands of Doni Gendo, a new threat is revealed to Team Auro, his right hand woman, Aelin Calalith, is the true cause behind everything that has happened behind the Black Dragons. *WRITING*

? Arc

? Arc *FILLER*

? Arc
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Story Arcs for Fairy Tail: Rebirth
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