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Hikaru Leon

Hikaru Leon

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Name: Hikaru Leon
18 Pre-Timeskip
? Post-Timeskip
Gender: Male
Community Alias: Zeus' Iron

Magic (Type):
Iron Dragonslayer Magic (First Generation): Iron Dragon Slayer Magic is a Caster Magic, Lost Magic, and a type of Dragon Slayer Magic that utilizes iron. Consequently, Iron Dragon Slayer Magic allows the user to produce and control iron from any part of their body, which can be used both in melee (Iron clubs, etc.) and as a ranged form (Bullets, etc.) of offense. After harnessing the magic by his Adopted Mother, Delnda, Hikaru has the power to eat Iron, like most other dragon slayers with their elements.
Lightning Caster Magic: Lightning Magic is a Caster Magic that utilizes the element of electricity. Lightning Magic is a Magic which gives its user the ability to manipulate the lightning around them and use it as a weapon, such as making lightning bolts or producing deadly shockwaves. Hikaru uses Lightning caster magic to increase his Iron Dragon Slayer Magic.
Iron Lightning Dragon Mode: Iron Lightning Dragon Mode is a Iron Dragon Slayer ability. Even though this can only be used when the user is angry, Iron Lightning Dragon Mode is an ability that can be gained by a Iron Dragon Slayer after they have met certain conditions. After eating Lightning (or Electricity in general) and having the iron and lightning inside their body fuse together, the user gains the ability to use their Iron Dragon Slayer Magic enhanced with lightning magic, doubling their power.
Dragon Force (First Generation): Triggered after a Dragonslayer (of first generation) has met certain conditions and in dire need, they would have a certain goal in mind and unlock the inner potential of a dragon, increasing its power twice over. This could also be achieved by eating Lacrima with many magic inside, but this has only been tried once (By Natsu)
Iron Zeus Lightning Dragon Mode (Hikaru Only): The Dragonslayer would have to be at the peak of his power, using his Iron Lightning Dragon Mode in Unison with his Dragon Force, resulting in the Ultimate form of one like a Dragon, this takes great power and skill to achieve. One feels as if he was the God of Thunder, Zeus, Hyped up with a body of Iron, electricity flowing through his iron body. This form is devastating for whoever comes across it.

Zack Raven (See full Bio for more info): Hikarus best friend since he joined Fairy Tail, the 2 roam the world looking for adventures and secrets. Zack is a Gun Magic user, using a gun to produce magic.
Lani Tono (See Bio For More Info): Writing

Hikaru's Voice Claim (English):

Affiliation: Fairy Tail, Tadashi (99's OCs)
Occupations: Fairy Tail Mage, ? Adventurer, Fairy Tail S-Class Mage Candidate
Previous Affiliations: Student Under Delinda

Guild: Fairy Tail Guild
Guild Mark Location: On the back of his Neck.
Guild Mark Color: Dark Grey
Team: ?
Partners: Zack Raven, Lani Tono,

Friends: Zack Raven,
Rivals: No one really
Blood Family: Unknown Blood Family Origins
Family: Everyone he meets in Fairy Tail, he feels as if every member is apart of his family.
Adoptive Mother: Delinda the Dragon

Likes: Iron, Fighting, Eating, Adventure
Dislikes: Close Deaths, Enemies of Fairy Tail

Attack Power: 6/5
Defense Power: 3/5
Speed: 4/5
intelligence: 3/5
Commitment: 5/5

Basic Skills:
Master Hand to Hand Combatant: Hikaru is an extremely proficient unarmed fighter, often using his Dragon Slayer Magic in combination with punches, kicks to combat his opponents to great effect. Such skill is paired with amazing physical prowess: aside from his strength, Hikaru has displayed high degrees of speed and reflexes, enough for him to possibly match melee-specialists of Mako's caliber in battle.
Immense Durability: Hikaru has proven himself to be incredibly durable. He has managed to take continual, deadly assaults from foes and continue fighting. His ability to be covered in Iron helps a lot, its a unique still only to Iron Dragonslayers.
Enhanced Reflexes: Hikaru's reflexes are impressive, enough for him to dodge swift attacks. Hikaru possesses fast reflexes, having been capable of dodging attacks with ease.
Enhanced Strength, Hearing and Smell: Hikaru has shown on numerous occasions to possess a high degree of strength, enough for him to perform a number of physical feats. Hikaru, according to a reliable source, himself, possesses exceptionally good hearing, something he has ever since infancy. During his time with Delinda, Hikaru has learned how to use all parts of his nose to become an excellent tracker, rivalling even a dog.

Common Iron Magic Abilities:
Hikaru typically uses iron any way he can, although common techniques he uses are listed below.
Iron Dragon's Roar: One of Hikaru's signature attacks is called Iron Dragon's Roar in which he quickly gathers and releases a large quantity of Iron shards from his mouth at his target by holding his hands.
Iron Dragon's Bullet Rain: Hikaru spits a massive amount of Iron pellets from his mouth, going in tremendous speeds, some even able to go through sheets of thick metal. This is a dangerous move to get in the way of.
Iron Dragon's Explosion Punch: Hikarus Hands turn into massive Iron Boxing gloves, each much launching little shards out towards all directions, making a explosion like appearance.
Iron Dragon's Swords Dance: Both of Hikaru's arms are turned into double bladed swords and Hikaru goes into a slashing spree, usually destroying everything in its path.
Iron Dragon's Iron Skin: Hikarus body becomes all Iron, making his skin very Durable and tough, increasing his physical damage and defence.
Iron Dragon's Fist: Hikaru rapidly punches his target, with his hands Giant Iron Boxing gloves, creating massive damage over extents of time.
Iron Dragon's Iron Clubs: Hikaru's arms become Iron clubs, able to extend retract, making his arms become ranged weapons. these are Hikarus usual attacks at times
Iron Dragon's Spiral Drill: Hikaru merges his two arms into one massive drill, Spinning clockwise towards his enemy
Steel Slayer Art: Iron Dragon's Iron Blast: Hikaru charges his arms with a green aura, releasing his Iron energy by colliding both hands into one blast, the damage this attack does can almost break through anything, this also takes massive energy so this is a Last-Resort move.
Steel Slayer Art: Iron Dragon's Sword from Hell: With one hand, Hikaru forms a giant sword reaching lengths of 14ft long. Almost able to slice through any object.

Common Lightning Magic Abilities:
Hikaru typically uses Lightning any way he can, using it with his Iron Dragonslaying magic. Although common techniques he uses are listed below.

Unison Raid Magic Abilities:
Partner - Auro: Unison Raid Iron Dragon's Flaming Roar: ?
Partner - Zack: Unison Raid Iron Bazooka Blast: ?

Fairy Tail Uniform(s):
Casual Uniform: When not working in Fairy Tail. Hikaru wears normal clothes, although he usually enjoys wearing his Black T-Shirt, And his blue jeans that are held up with a Black belt. Hikaru also wears a Dark red hoodie over his shirt.
Official Uniform (Pre-TimeSkip): Hikaru's uniform his much like Gajeels, mostly because Gajeel taught him a few things in Fairy Tail, Hikaru probably just liked the suit

Magical Items:

Hair Color/Style: Black Hair with a Sort of grown out Cesar Hairstyle
Eye Color: Dark Green
Skin Color: A tannish White
Height: 195 cm (6'4)
Weight: 170 (Estimated 300-400 In Iron Scales)

List of Major Battles:
Hikaru Leon and Zack Raven v.s Zurof Halek Result: Hikaru wins

Primary Theme: Heart of a Dragon (Ft/FT Opening 3)

Fighting Theme: The Birth Of A Hero (Natsu vs Dyst)

Iron Lightning Dragon Mode Theme: The Power of Iron and Lightning (Fire Dragon vs Flame God)

Fighting Style: Hikaru is a persistant fighter, he uses strategy as well as strength in his fights. He merges his lightning and Iron Dragonslayer magic into a elegant combo of magic, some say its astonishing on how it works, Hikaru is a one-of-a-kind fighter.

Personality: Hikaru is somehow witty and comedic, even in fights. He likes to hear other peoples ideas but sometimes he just goes anyway. He would do anything to avenge someone even at the lengths of killing. Hikaru has felt this way more than once. He is a Tender Giant until you piss him off, then you're in for a world of pain. He would defend his family at any cost, meaning he would even give his life for them.

Backstory: Raised by the Female Iron Dragon, Delinda, Hikaru learned how to speak, walk and other essential human needs by her. He also learned the lost art of Iron Dragonslayer magic. Joining the Fairy Tail guild around the same time as Natsu Dragneel, due to both of their Dragon parent disappearing at the same time. During his time at Fairy Tail, he learned the art of Lightning Magic, Now knowing 2 sets of Magic
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Hikaru Leon
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