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 Zack Raven

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Hikaru Leon

Hikaru Leon

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PostSubject: Zack Raven   Zack Raven I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 13, 2014 11:59 pm

Name: Zack Raven
Age:[/u] 18
Gender: Male
Community Alias: The Sharpshooter

Magic (Type):
Gun Holder Magic:

Bullet Magic:

High Speed Magic:

Shooter's Rage:

Hikaru Leon (See full Bio for more info): Zack's best friend since he joined Fairy Tail, the two would go on jobs as a team, mainly because Zack thinks he owes Hikaru a favor, since right before he joined Fairy Tail, Hikaru saved his life when he was in trouble.

Based Off Of: Alzack Connel, Jet
Voice Claim:

Affiliation: Fairy Tail
Occupations: Fairy Tail Mage, ? Adventurer

Guild: Fairy Tail Guild
Guild Mark Location: Side of his Right Shoulder
Guild Mark Color: Dark Green
Team: ?
Previous Affiliations: Unknown Refugee

Attack Power: 3/5
Defense Power: 2/5
Speed: 5/5
intelligence: 3/5
Commitment: 4/5

Basic Skills:
Above Average Hand to Hand Combatant: Due to being around Hikaru during his trainings, Zack learned how to fight a little, making him better than average Fairy Tail members, who only know how to use Magic and swing a fist
Enhanced Durability: Zack has token a lot of damage over the years, he has been on the road for a while but all that pain tooken he has learned to resist more than a regular person might
Enhanced Reflexes: Due to his High Speed Magic, he is able to move faster so has faster reflexes

Common Guns Magic Abilities:
Zack typically uses his Guns Magic any way he can, although common techniques he uses are listed below.
Tornado Shot:

Blast Bullet:

Spark Shot:

Omnidirectional Shot:

Wide Shot:

Stinger Shot:

Sunlight Shot:

Gunslinger Art: Bullet Storm:

Gunslinger Art: Fire Blast:

Common Bullet Magic Abilities:
Zack typically uses Bullet Magic any way he can, using it with his Guns magic when he loses his gun. Although common techniques he uses are listed below.

Unison Raid Magic Abilities:
Partner - Hikaru: Unison Raid Iron Bazooka Blast: ?

Fairy Tail Uniform(s):
Casual Uniform: When not working in Fairy Tail. Hikaru wears normal clothes, although he usually enjoys wearing his Grey Long Sleeved Shirt, And his dark blue jeans that are held up with a Brown belt.
Official Uniform (Pre-TimeSkip): Zacks Uniform is Much like an average Fairy Tail uniform, just with a few minor tweaks

Magical Items:

Hair Color/Style: Dark Navy Blue Hair, Short Hair
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Color: White
Height: 186 cm (6'1)
Weight: 167

Friends: Hikaru Leon,
Rivals: No one really
Blood Family: Unknown Blood Family Origins
Family: He starts to grow fond of Fairy Tail, possibly thinking he's their family

Primary Theme:

Fighting Theme:

Shooter's Rage Theme:

Fighting Style: Zack is a very strategic fighter, he uses his skills to stand back and be that one generic sniper role, yet he plays a key role in the ranks due to his bold tactics that work, he uses one pistol and possibly the other hand for his Bullet magic, he is very fluent with his two Magics and his High Speed Magic

Personality: Zack is the one who actually asks questions before he shoots, unlike his friend. He is pretty straight forward but hides in the shadows in large groups, some don't even notice he's in the guild at all. He's a well rounded guy once you get to know him, and the more you're around him, the more he actually talks.

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Zack Raven
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