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 Mako Recron

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PostSubject: Mako Recron   Mako Recron I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 18, 2014 3:07 am

Name: Mako Recron
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Community Alias: Destroyer

Magic (Type):
Wind Magic:

Light Magic (Being taught):

Based Off Of: Erza Scarlett
Voice Claim:

Affiliation: Fairy Tail
Occupations: Fairy Tail Mage, ? Adventurer

Guild: Fairy Tail Guild
Guild Mark Location: On her left shoulder
Guild Mark Color: Dark Red
Team: ?
Previous Affiliations:

Attack Power: 5/5
Defense Power: 4/5
Speed: 4/5
intelligence: 4/5
Commitment: 3/5

Basic Skills:
Excellent Hand to Hand Combatant: Mako's master has trained her in both magic and fighting, making her well balanced and able to beat an opponent easily if they are below her skills
Enhanced Durability: Mako has token a lot of damage over the years, training to endure the most painful processes
Enhanced Agility: Due to her Wind Magic, she is able to move faster so has faster agile abilities

Common Wind Magic Abilities:
Mako typically uses her Wind Magic any way he can, although common techniques she uses are listed below.

Common Light Magic Abilities:
Mako tries to use Light magic along with her Wind magic, although common techniques she uses are listen below.

Unison Raid Magic Abilities:

Fairy Tail Uniform(s):
Casual Uniform:
Official Uniform (Pre-TimeSkip):

Magical Items:

Hair Color/Style: Long Black Hair
Eye Color: Dark Red
Skin Color: White

Blood Family:

Primary Theme:

Fighting Theme:

Fighting Style:

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Mako Recron
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