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 Aiyaka Imai

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Aiyaka Imai

Aiyaka Imai

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PostSubject: Aiyaka Imai   Aiyaka Imai I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 29, 2014 6:39 pm

Name:  Aiyaka Imai
Age: 18
Gender:  Female

Poison Dragon Slayer Magic (Second Generation):  a type of Magic which allows the user to incorporate the element of poison into their body, granting them exclusive traits possessed by a Poison Dragon. The user is capable of freely producing and manipulating poison, manifested in the form of a toxic gas. Said gas seems to be "tangible", and can thus be used as an effective blunt weapon, inflicting physical damage to foes while at the same time infecting them.

Affiliations: Fairy Tail
Occupation:  Fairy Tail Mage, Adventurer.

Guild: Fairy Tail Guild
Guild Mark Location: Left shoulder
Guild Mark Color:  Violet

Basic Skills:
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Speed and Reflexes

Common Poison Magic Abilities:
Poison Dragon's Twin Fang: Aiyaka moves her arms forward in a cross, forming a very large amount of poison in two massive waves shaped like fangs, which she uses to attack her opponents with great blunt force.
Poison Dragon's Roar: Aiyaka's exclusive Dragon's Roar, incorporating the element of poison. Aiyaka quickly gathers and releases poison from her mouth in the form of deadly, poisonous stream that, when it makes contact with the target, injects a lethal virus into their body that may slowly weaken them and restrict their movement before ultimately killing them.
Poison Dragon's Fang Thrust: Aiyaka generates a wave of poison, shaped like a large-fanged snake head, and sends it towards the target, stopping their incoming attacks by having the wave "bite" them.
Poison Dragon's Scales: Aiyaka swings her arm, generating a very large number of scale-shaped masses of poison, which are rapidly sent flying at the target in consecutive reprises.
Poison Dragon's Guard: Aiyaka moves her arms forward in a cross, creating a large shield of poison that defends her from the enemy's attacks.
Poison Dragon's Iron Fist: Aiyaka engulfs her fist in poison and then punches her opponent, causing, aside from great blunt damage, damage from the poison as well.

Fairy Tail Uniform(s)
Casual Clothes:  When not adventuring with her team, Aiyaka wears a black, long sleeve shirt, and jeans.
Official:  On duty Aiyaka wears a high-collared tank top type shirt and gloves that reach up to her elbows.  She dons a skirt and boots as well.
Magical Equipment:  

Hair Color/Style:  White, pulled back in a ponytail with a ribbon.
Eye Color:  Violet
Skin Color:  White
Height: 5'5
Weight: 125 lb

Siblings: ?
Friends: ?
Rivals: ?
Any other Relation: ?

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Aiyaka Imai
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