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 Black Dragons

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PostSubject: Black Dragons   Black Dragons I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 24, 2014 2:07 pm

Guild Name: Black Dragons
Founded by: Samuru Recron and Zac Gendo
Founded on the date of:
Guild Type: Dark
Strongest Team: Seven Shadows
Location: Kuro Village in Western Fiore near the Kodai Mountains


Black Dragons Members
Previous Guild Master: Samuru Recron (1st)
Current Guild Master: Aelin Calalith (2nd)
S-Class Mages: Bellos Kuda, Tiffany Vorlein, Zac Gendo (Former)
Prominent Members: Jax Bishop, Reed Blackstone, Ginta Misuki, Saeko Nightshade

Seven Shadows: Aelin Calalith, Bellos Kuda, Tiffany Vorlein, Jax Bishop, Reed Blackstone, Ginta Muski, Saeko Nightshade

Black Dragons Theme:
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Black Dragons
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