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 The Setting of Fairy Tail: Rebirth

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The Setting of Fairy Tail: Rebirth Empty
PostSubject: The Setting of Fairy Tail: Rebirth   The Setting of Fairy Tail: Rebirth I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 28, 2014 12:56 pm

(Will edit once I think about it more.) Set in the distant future. In the year Age X856, Fairy Tail: Rebirth is a continuation of the Fairy Tail storyline taking place 65 years after the events true to the original story. Following new wizards, new guilds, and new possibilities after the utter destruction of the Magic Council earlier on in the years, a new Magic Council has risen and has rebuilt the nation of Fiore. Upon the recreation of Fiore, the guilds that once dotted the landscape were recreated as well, each of them having a new guild master and new wizards within them.

Follow the new set of heroes of Fairy Tail in their adventures across the land of Fiore. Watch as characters such as Auro Ikeda, Aiyaka Imai, and Doni Gendo, grow stronger with each coming conflict, and learn secrets of their own past... Writing
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The Setting of Fairy Tail: Rebirth
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